Sunday, May 2, 2010

CarrySafe100- Pacsafe

The CarrySafe 100 from Pacsafe is a veratile, anti-theft camera strap with slashproof wire built-in. It can be easily attached to most SLR cameras, binoculars or their carrying cases.

-Slashproof adjustable strap.

-Snatchproof strap to anchor the camera of binoculars to a secure fixture with locking clip.

-Non-slip, movable neck pad.

SGD $55

Friday, January 15, 2010

Colour Gel Set for R'flector Pro-V1

Set of Colour Gel Includes:

1x Orange(Warm)

1x Blue(Cool)

1x Green

1x Yellow

1x Vecro attachment Strap

Gel size: 70mm x 70mm

SGD $20

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Warm Gel for R'flector Pro-V1

Attach the warm gel to your R'flector Pro-V1 to let you change the colour of your flash light. It works great if you're doing a portrait of someone indoors under regular lighting(usually incandescent lighting).

Gel size: 70mm x 70mm

*R'flector Prov-V1 is sold seperately

SGD $5

Sunday, September 27, 2009

R'flector-Pro V1

In some photo situations- either indoors or out, flash is essential. Sometimes it can look too harsh & obvious.

If you shoot lot of portraits, you may require to use flash at some point- especially shooting weddings or events. The trouble is that flash can look terrible when it is not properly used and even then, direct flash never looks ideal. So if you already have a flash gun & use it a lot for people pictures, then you need to invest in a good quality flash reflector. Here, I'll provide you with the best selling flashgun reflector that will provide you with the best possible lighting.

The R’flector Pro-V1 soften harsh on flash and creates a more evenly distribution of camera flash. It turns the harsh shadows of ordinary flash photography into portrait-like lighting. It helps avoid “blown-out” look, especially in close-up situation and presents a significant improvement over perhaps the most unflattering light source in photography.

Putting It On
The Pro V1 has a piece of Velcro loop, on the attachment base. Centre the base attachment section on the side or back of your flash with your left hand and hold it in place. Pull firmly when attaching. This illustration shows mounting on the back of your flash. While holding firmly with your left hand, pull the strap hard and wrap it around. Stick the Velcro down.

SGD $18